In January 2015, the experts and scholars of BNCT in Taiwan have established the Taiwan Society of Neutron Capture Therapy (TSNCT) to bring together scholars from various fields who are interested in this technology for a continuous dialogue pertaining to the research and development of this sophisticated technology. We hope that BNCT treatment can be promoted continuously to benefit more patients.

The short, mid, and long-term goals of TSNCT 

Short-term goal:

To extensively recruit scholars and experts interested in this area of development, in order to integrate various types of investment funds and efforts, as well as to organize various types of academic activities and educational seminars.

Mid-term goal:

To introduce a new neutron radiation source accelerator as the major facility in clinical BNCT for cancer treatment, and to organize large-scale international conferences of BNCT, in order to improve the impact of Taiwan in the field of BNCT on an international level.

Long-term goal:

To promote BNCT as a formal and routine therapy for cancer in Taiwan, and to promote a sustainable research and developmental program.



  • April 10, 2019-The Second Joint meeting of the 3rd board of Councils and Supervisors, will be held at 17F Yaward Banquet Room,  Cosmos Hotel, Taipei, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Jan. 16, 2019-The First Joint meeting of the 3rd board of Councils and Supervisors was held at room 301, YMCA, Taipei City, Taiwan.
  • Jan. 12, 2019-The 4th annual member meeting was held at conference room 201, 202, YMCA, Taipei City, Taiwan.
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